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This service allows the user to possess his own Mobile Hotspot, using PressCell Mobile WiFi – mobile internet rental, your mobile broadband internet. The service is very popular among companies that organize events on locations where there is no wired data network. A WiFi network can be put in place in less than 24 hours if there is mobile phone reception available


  • More than 10 years of experience in the market;
  • 24/7 Bilingual support;
  • No bonds with the mobile carrier;
  • Detailed airtime billing without tax charge;
  • Personalized Customer Service;
  • No minimum period of usage required;
  • No bureaucracy.

How does PressCell Mobile WiFi work?


Simple. The client will receive the PressCell Mobile WiFi, which is a portable wireless device the size of a credit card, and basically works as a router and hotspot. Carrying this device you will be able to connect other devices, such as mobile phone, ipad and laptop, on the same wifi network to surf on the web normally.

Wifi hotspot rental is the best solution for those who need to access the internet wherever they want with mobility and with no need of a complex wire broadband structure.

Do you need more options for rent WiFi Hotspot or mobile internet rental Brazil and in the world? PressCell also offers a 4G Modem, ideal for events and foreigners on a brief stay with the best deal in the market.
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Example of usage of a Mobile MiFi device: