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Smartphones Tracking and Location Services


Ideal for management of events’ outdoor teams

Real time phone tracking.

Verifying Smartphone’s location and route on the map.

Verification of all devices including renaming them on the tracking map.

Designing specific group.

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  • More than 10 years of experience in the market;
  • 24/7 Bilingual support
  • No bonds with the mobile carrier;
  • Detailed airtime billing without tax charge;
  • Personalized Customer Service;
  • No minimum period of usage required;
  • No bureaucracy.

PressCell provides you with the newest in the mobile tracking service*. This solution is suitable for checking and monitoring the movements of the cell phone users, thus enabling absolute control of an events team whether grouped or individuals in different regions.

*In order to apply a Smartphone Tracking and Location Service on you mobile phone it is needed to hire our Postpaid Plan (Voice + Data). Please, learn more about in  Voice & Voice + Data. Contatct us to know more about mobile locator and tracking cell phone.


Would like to purchase our Smartphone Tracking and Location Service? Please request a proposal for rent a cell phone with a postpaid plan with voice and data, and besides the fact there is no minimum period contract with PressCell. Mobile locator is here.

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