Success Stories

Line And Equipment Reposition Halfway Around The World

icon-seta International line client lost the phone in Tokyo.
icone-interrog The client was on a business trip and was using the line for 15 days. He could neither be inaccessible to the contacts made abroad nor to the company’s contact or to his family in Brazil.
icon-lampada  He got in touch with PressCell via support channel and the company, through its global partnership network, has made the reposition in less than 6 hours.

Mass Communication

icon-seta A client at the Germany´s World Cup needed simultaneous access to 250 collaborators in case of emergency or a change of plans.
icone-interrog Some collaborators did not have a foreign private line and the option of pre-paid lines was discarded due to the fact it did not guaranteed the 24-hour use and accessibility that a postpaid line grants.
icon-lampada  All collaborators
left Brazil with local German lines phones. The project manager used PressCell´s mass messaging to send SMS to every phone at the same time or to a specific group when was necessary to inform plans, schedule or route changes.

Incentive Travel

icon-seta A multinational company needed to give, as part of an incentive plan, a mobile phone to each winning customer to travel to Brazil to attend the 2014 World Cup games. The company also required that the phones had, necessarily, a personalized app.
icone-interrog A pre-paid model would not fit the client needs. In addition, it was impossible to hire postpaid lines for 30 days. Also buying phones solely to the project would turn it inviable.
icon-lampada  PressCell rented 180 phones for 30 days with personalized delivery and collecting in several host cities. Each and every device was delivered with the app installed and a customized contact list with the groups’ names and the most important contacts for the operation. All the users knew which numbers would be assigned to each one even before leaving their countries. They also could rely on PressCell´s customer support for eventual problems or reposition during the games.

Start Up

icon-seta A Start Up held a test for an app with 100 users.
icone-interrog The cost for the equipment with the required level needed as well as signing a 12 months contract demanded by the phone carriers for a postpaid line, necessary for the test, would make the project budget unachievable.
icon-lampada  Via the equipment rental and services provision contract, PressCell enabled the project accomplishment.

Saving Lives

icon-seta A private person client wanted to be made accessible while on a fishing trip with friends to the core of the Amazon tropical forest.
icone-interrog There were two boats on the group and one of them got involved on a serious accident, resulting in two people severely injured.
icon-lampada That client was the only one who had available communication and, via the PressCell rented satellite phone, he called the Amazonian National Force which rescued the victims and transported them just in time to save their lives in a hospital in Manaus.

Data Collect Projects

icon-seta Accomplishment of an equipment
inventory that was spread all over Brazil with 200 participants through use of apps specially developed for the occasion.
icone-interrog The value of the equipment with the
requiring level needed as well as signing a 12 months contract (demanded by the conventional phone carriers for postpaid lines) would render the project impracticable.
icon-lampada  PressCell via equipment rental and service provision contracts enabled the project as well as provided support in several capital cities for the cases of loss or theft; therefore, avoiding delays on the project conclusion.

Monitoring Job

icon-seta A client company, during Brazil World Cup, aiming to a logistical organization, was in need of tracking its collaborators who were in charge of client transportation.
icone-interrog The use of GPS would not monitor those collaborators if they were outside the vehicles. The company did not have control over each collaborator personal phone, turning it impossible to track them through these phones.
icon-lampada  By using PressCell´s smartphones the company was allowed to simultaneously track and communicate, as the smartphones had the tracking app. The project manager accessed a screen in which provided real time location of the whole group of collaborators, and each one have a personalized tag with names, allowing easier identification and access to the journey covered.

Extra Demand For
Satellite Phone

icon-seta A mining company, which already possessed satellite phones, needed to recur to extra phones for 60 days.
icone-interrog It was an emergency and the bureaucracy demanded from the company to buy the devices was avoiding the extra phones for the support in an urgent basis.
icon-lampada  The company resorted to use PressCell´s service provision contract and had the phones delivered in 48 hours.