PressCell Via Satellite

PressCell offers solutions for clients who are in need of temporary voice communication, data transfer and tracking on remote sites.

Through rental and supply of the satellite communication service, the company´s mission is to meet the demand for a short period of time or emergency need that requires communication coverage where conventional mobile phone signal is not available. Know our satellite phone service and satellite tracking.

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  • More than 10 years of experience in the market;
  • 24/7 Bilingual support
  • No bonds with the mobile carrier;
  • Detailed airtime billing without tax charge;
  • Personalized Customer Service;
  • No minimum period of usage required;
  • No bureaucracy.
Turismo de aventura.
Adventure Tourism.

Its main clients belong to the tourism field and adventures, organizations and individuals involved on extreme catastrophes, oil & gas, mining companies, and remote sites such as plants under construction e.g. Hydroelectric industry, electric power lines, highways, toll stations, and etc. There are cases in which the clients possess the equipment; however, they need the services due to an extra temporary demand.

Esportes radicais.
Radical Sports.
Atividades off-shore.
Off-shore activities.

In addition to the temporary demands, PressCell is able to provide long-term services. Therefore, the client will have the benefit by choosing a service contract over buying equipment. There are many providers with different technologies on the satellite phone market and PressCell, according to the client´s demand, executes tests on site and, through its technical staff, presents the project, selects the carrier, and the appropriate equipment that will meet the client´s technical requirements.

Aviação executiva.
Executive Aviation.

PressCell provides services on land, air and sea. It promotes logistical, safety, and operational optimization, operating from a contingency regimen (keeping operations working when traditional phone lines suffer interruption) to long-term projects on sites where executing them would be impossible without mobile communication.


PressCell offers you even more due to the fact we are a remarkable company in the temporary mobile communication market. Learn more about connecting with the Mobile broadband renting a Mobile MiFi with us. This is the perfect solution for companies that organize events where there is no wire broadband structure for internet. Contact us and use our solutions to satellite phone service and satellite tracking.

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