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What is a 3G+ Network?
3G+ and 3,5G are different names for HSPDA (High-Speed Downlink Protocol Access), a broadband cellphone pattern that presents faster download speed, up to 21 Megabits/second. That’s the perfect speed if you occasionally download images, videos or music, browse internet or is downloading other large files. 3G+ is part of the Universal Mobile Telecommunications System (UMTS) and is a natural evolution to many 3G (third generation) cellphone communication systems. More information about the GSM network pattern is available at the GSM association.
What is the difference between the UMTS, 3G and EDGE networks?

Those are the diferente network patterns that were built following GSM’s success, and the difference refers mainly to speed. The Universal Mobile Telecommunications System (UMTS) is one of the new third generation – 3G – cellphone communication systems. EDGE (Enhanced Data rates for GSM Evolution) is another option to update the GSM network. EDGE network offers an average transfer rate of 200 kbits/s (kilobits per second – the measure unit for electronic data transfer speed). This is the perfect speed if you occasionally download video and music and browse the internet. 3G network offers a faster electronic data transfer of more than 384 kbit/s, which is better if you are downloading of large files frequently.

Is PressCell service pre-paid?

All of our products are post-paid, for our main goal, besides thrift, is to provide access in order to be able to communicate 100% of travel time.

I'm heading to two different countries, which line should I use?
Contact our commercial team for more information.
May I use a foreigner line on my Smartphone?

Yes, as long as your cellphone is unlocked to use the destiny country’s chip, provided by PressCell. When on requesting the service, the type of device used must be informed in order to provide the best service according to your need

Why it is cheaper to use a PressCell line than my own cellphone line?
The Brazilian line on international roaming, besides having fees up to 3 times more expensive, possesses a more confused and less clear billing than PressCell proposed solutions. Those who take a Brazilian phone abroad, usually is surprised by the bill, for several unpublished fares are taking into account. Our billings are easily understood and are conceived on a clear format, respecting the fees and type of calls previously shown on our contract.
Can I use PressCell’s chip on my cellphone?
When using it in Brazil, switching it is not recommended. However, when using it abroad, you can use your own phone, still with the advantage of equipment rental fee waiver, being charged the SIM card rental only.
May I know my number beforehand?
Yes, when you make your reservation, a number is designed exclusively for you.
What is included on the rental kit?

It is included on the rental kit: cellphone or USB board (depending on the service hired), the respective charger, a plug adapter (if necessary) and an instruction booklet.

Which services does Prescell provide?
We have a wide portfolio for your voice communication and data transfer in Brazil and abroad. Check our website  and find out how we can help clients to use international travel phone.
How can I get in touch with PressCell?
It’s easy. Just call one of our customer support center RJ +55 21 2422-9300 | SP +55 11 3253-0077;
Support Lines: +55 21 99617-2000 / +55 11 99914-4515 / /; or accessing our website
“Hard reset” on BlackBerry without removing the battery.
To reset BlackBerry devices without removing the battery, simply press at the same time “ALT”+”SHIFT(right side)”+DEL(twice)”.
Restarting iPhones
To restart iPhones, simply press and hold “HOME BUTTON” and “SLEEP BUTTON” until the device goes out.


How to remove call forwarding?
To remove call forwarding from a phone, at the origin or outside it, simply type the code ##002# then type SEND.
How to make international phone calls?

To make international phone calls from anywhere in the world on mobile devices, just dial “+” added to the “country code” followed by the “area code” and “destiny number”. For example: +552124229300. Another tip is to check on each country’s way of making a local call. Use our solutions to international travel phone.

My iPhone/iPad does not connect to internet.

When using an iPhone or iPad if the cellphone data network is not accessible, check the correct APN configuration to the line that is being used. If the lack of access persists, restart the device and try again. In the case of international lines, it is possible that it may take around 15 minutes for information update and the allowance of the data service.



  • 1 e-mail without attached file (1 page) – 50KB.
  • 1 webpage (eg: aol) – 1,5 a 2,5MB.
  • 1 song downloaded from iTunes – 4MB.
  • 1 photo (point & shoot digital camera) – 3MB * applies to post a photo on social media.
  • 1 photo (pro/prosumer digital camera) – 10MB * applies to post a photo on social media.
  • 1 minute video on YouTube/Google – 4MB.
  • 1 song from apple music (256kbps) – 5MB.
  • 5 minutes video de on iTunes – 30MB.
  • 15 minutes on Netflix – 100MB.
  • Download a 2 hours movie in MPEG4 – 1,5GB.
  • Download a DVD movie in MPEG4-2 – 4,5GB.

All above information are estimated and depending on device and resolution of the tested service may change.