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Our 4G Modem mobile internet service is the best alternative for temporary use of mobile data transmission in Brazil. Ideal for events and foreigners on a brief stay, no bonds with mobile carriers, and counting on 24/7 support. Data transmission goes up to 40 Mbps*.

* Due to its recent implementation of the 4G signal in Brazil the quality of the signal and the speed of the 4G can vary. The speed can go up to 30mb and over, depending on the network coverage. In case there is no 4G coverage the speed of the internet will be automatically adjusted according to the local coverage.


Aside the 4G Modem mobile internet service, our rental modem for Brazil and in the world, do you need other solutions for temporary mobile communication? We offer Mobile WiFi internet as well which allows the users to have their own mobile hotspot. Ask about it.

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  • More than 10 years of experience in the market;
  • 24/7 Bilingual support
  • No bonds with the mobile carrier;
  • Detailed airtime billing without tax charge;
  • Personalized Customer Service;
  • No minimum period of usage required;
  • No bureaucracy.